Bernadette Roth


This project aims to revitalise and upgrade the pedestrian zone of Wiener Neustadt. Different types of ‘oases’ run through the pedestrian zone in the form of a ribbon and are intended to invite different user groups to linger. Green oases, oases for children, for recreation, fitness oases, but also rentable oases as an outdoor extension of the adjacent business areas are envisaged. In keeping with the project’s title, the commercial areas under consideration will also become oases. Accordingly, a generational pub, the ‘OmasOase’, with regional products is to be built at Wiener Strasse 12, which will be run by pensioners and thus enable them to continue to lead a regular life in a social environment. In addition, there is the possibility to pass on traditional cuisine to the younger generation in cooking courses. In the creative oasis, Wiener Straße 21, a studio with courses and sales space is planned. Three mini-apartments will be built on the floor above. Rosengasse 1 rounds off the concept as a learning oasis. This offers pupils and students the opportunity to prepare for their exams in a relaxed atmosphere.