Ida Lanz


The aim is to support regional, sustainable retail in Wiener Neustadt. By allowing several shop owners to join together in a community of use and thus share the rent and responsibility, the hurdles for retailers with, for example, small/seasonal assortments or low capacities are eased. The connecting link is a café, which also opens up new possibilities for longer stays on the upper floor (reading, co-working, …) with regional offers and places. A parcel shop also invites residents who prefer online shopping to visit. Outside and on the adjacent square at Wiener Straße 12, the focus is on a uniform, green design concept with street furniture, terraced green areas and space for temporary offers such as flea markets or a (mulled) wine stand. To make the locations even more attractive, both outside and inside, places for swapping and sharing are offered, such as a lending shop, book and clothes exchange cabinets, a bicycle repair station or a seedling exchange.