Joel Aust

Queer Corner* and The Spot

The project pursues two different concepts in the sense of reactivating the existing structures. The design is aimed primarily at students and queer people. The so-called ‘Queer Corner’ embodies a centre for queer life in Lower Austria. A flexible event area creates an open space for communication and interaction. The adjacent film and literature media library reflects the wide range of cultural offerings. On the floor above, a living space for people from precarious living conditions was set up. At the Rosengasse location, a commercial unit and a co-working space were provided. Magenta-coloured stools serve as a distinctive identity feature. The Spot’ is the newly designed square at Ankerhof. The proposed arcade gives the residents an outdoor space facing the city centre. The residential café is integrated into the ground floor. Multifunctional street furniture marks the public space and invites people to linger next to the water area. The vacant space on the upper floors is given a new lease of life with adapted residential units for students.