Joline Imwolde

Let’s go together – Let’s come together

This project brings living and everyday life back to the pedestrian zones of the old town. To provide a meeting place for residents and visitors to explore Wiener Neustadt, the narrow little shop on the ground floor of the Franz Brand Haus is transformed into a starting point for activities. Equipped with changing rooms, sanitary facilities, lockers and storage cupboards, it provides a base for joint bicycle tours, hikes or outdoor sports courses. Play and sports equipment as well as a workbench invite you to liven up the space around the water area. While people can play and linger at the wide, shallow water in summer, the area is to be converted into a small sports hall by a pavilion in the winter months. In order to also meet the regional and sustainable demands of Wiener Neustadt, a centre for regional products is planned in Wienerstraße. Here producers from the nearby area can sell and present their own food and wine in shared displays. By sharing shop space, staff and operating costs, small businesses will also be given the opportunity to present themselves in the city centre under their own brand. Products can be demonstrated and used in open kitchens and small seminar areas. In this way, visitors and residents will be invited to the table and experience the region together through eating and tasting. On the upper floor, the concept is complemented by a regional library that invites authors, art and culture professionals to present their literature or illustrated books together.