Raphael Jung

GREENER Neustadt

Residents from peripheral urban areas are to be offered an incentive to spend longer periods of time in the city centre away from consumption. The urban farm includes a community garden for everyone, a place to bring knowledge from one’s own garden and to gain new knowledge about cultivation and gardening. The farm serves as a 1:1 model for one’s own garden. A green retreat is created not only for active participants, but also an area for passers-by and interested people to linger. The prominent location also appeals to non-professionals. An atmosphere of exchange and communication is created. The urban farm thus functions as a centre for the greening of the city centre. In the “green house” sub-project, vacant space becomes public space. By opening up the façade area, a transition zone between outside and inside is created. This space becomes a green retreat. A seedling exchange brings surplus harvests into the private gardens. The rear area serves as a showroom and interactive teaching space. The concept can be transferred to other vacant properties and a green ribbon is created through the city centre.