Sophie Bayer

Hauptstraße 46 | Gourmetakademie

The gourmet academy being built at Hauptstraße 46 was developed as a meeting place for “fine dining”. The ground floor zone in the direction of the street will be a bistro or delicatessen and the rear part in the direction of Schwarza will be a cooking studio. In addition to weekly cooking classes, this project provides for the possibility of renting out the cooking studio. The project also proposes space for workshops on topics such as healthy eating and the use of regional and seasonal products. To improve the lighting situation in the rear part of the building, glass walls in the style of glass walls in the style of industrial windows were developed. If necessary, individual modules can be switched on in this way. Sliding doors in the area of the walls allow the necessary connection if necessary. Seating niches were integrated into the rear wall facing northwest, inviting people to linger. Skylights illuminate the zone in front of the building. The visual axis between the square in front and the Schwarza is emphasised by a footbridge, which is already visible in the entrance area and leads across the room to the rear exit or descends over three plateaus in the direction of the watercourse. Towards the south-east, the ground floor zone opens onto the square through a large folding glass door, purposefully merging the interior with the exterior. The square area is redesigned with planting elements and seating and presents itself to the gourmet academy and other users as an openly accessible guest garden in the centre.