Marcel Gabriel

Hauptstraße 46 | Workbench

The concept envisages a two-part use. The large existing hall is restructured and clearly delimited by new side rooms. A glass wall separates two areas here. One is intended as a workshop for hobby craftsmen and students who can pursue their craft talents here. The second part of the premises is used as a café and is connected to the path along the Schwarza via a stepped terrace. The exposed plot opposite the “workbench” is to be used as a park. The area will again be divided into two areas. On the northern side, a green sunny park with sufficient seating and sunbathing areas is to be created. A passageway to the school centre is also to be made possible here. The southern side of the site is largely shaded. Parking facilities under pavilions are planned here, which are also suitable for other uses. For example, an extended location for the weekly market is being considered.