Julia Halbauer

Hauptstraße 23 & 46 | Re*Fill Gloggnitz

This project aims to look at the problem of vacancies in a holistic context. Based on a corresponding research, a comprehensive strategy for the vacancy problem in Gloggnitz is developed and the creation of a traffic-calmed encounter zone in the town centre is suggested. As a starting point, a concrete idea was developed for two currently vacant properties in Gloggnitz’s Hauptstraße. The concept of a “Ortskernkümmerer” has already proven itself in many municipalities – with the support of volunteers and initiative groups, this person locates and mediates between the interest groups affected by the process of changing the village. In order to be able to develop a lasting, sustainable and resilient strategy for the local economy, a Re*Conomy centre would be an ideal complement to the Ortskernkümmerei at Hauptstraße 23. The rediscovery of a local identity and the development of new meeting places and local centres are also among the essential tasks of a Ortskernkümmerer. With this in mind, a Tandler and repair centre around Hauptstraße 46 could become a new meeting place for the people of Gloggnitz in the village centre.