Pascal Höbinger

Wiener Straße 26 | Genussgreisslerei

The present project at Wiener Strasse 26 is to be converted into a Greisslerei. In addition to sales, however, the location is also to function as a meeting place for young and old. The title “Genussgreisslerei” already indicates that it is about more than the mere act of buying. The products on offer are delivered fresh from regional farmers, sold and processed accordingly. Both indoors and outdoors, lounging areas are planned without any compulsion to consume. In order to be able to supply the deep building with daylight, the workshop on the courtyard side will be replaced by a translucent winter garden, which can be used for processing the products as well as for workshops and courses. The adjacent storage building will also be used as such. The walls in the existing building will be adapted as minimally as possible to the new use. In the outdoor space already mentioned, a “pleasure deck” will be built on the street side, inviting people to spend time casually.