Florian Pamminger

Hauptstraße 23 | Greißlerei 23

This project focuses on transparency regarding the origin and processing of food. As the topic of “regionality” is booming, there is also an increased emphasis on personal advice in times of increasing digitalisation. Greisslerei 23 aims to provide an answer to these needs. Here you can find regional products; for daily needs as well as for special occasions. Greisslerei 23 was not only conceived as a place to shop, but also as a place to meet. A bistro offers the opportunity to linger and consume snacks on site – in good weather also in the adjoining courtyard. This can be used temporarily for a farmers’ market by means of mobile, folding market stalls. On the street side, the building attracts attention with its wooden façade with floor-to-ceiling windows and a greenery system. The large windows provide natural lighting inside. The floor plan of the rather small room is open. Parts of the existing walls are removed and replaced by beams. This creates a generous space for the bistro in the front and the Greisslerei in the back. The counter area offers direct access to the kitchen and storage. A staircase leads to the courtyard, which is designed with mobile seating furniture and plants.