Melanie Waldbauer

Wiener Straße 26 | KNEIPPEN

This project is intended to offer residents, young and old alike, the opportunity to take a dip. The entrance was positioned on the street side and initially leads into a sales room with an additional “tea kitchen”. This is extended to the outside area in the front part of the building and separated from the pavement by herb beds. The areas in question can also be used by non-participants in the spa. The actual spa area begins in the middle of the building, with rooms for registration, office, changing rooms and a massage room. The core of the Kneipp spa takes place in the rear part. Here there is a large water treading pool with sufficient lighting through large windows. Showers and sunbathing areas are also provided here. An extension to this takes place in the adjacent backyard and includes another smaller water treading pool. A spatial separation and the necessary intimacy are created by a proposed hedge.