Karl Zulus

Wiener Straße 26 | Corpore Sano

The present project takes advantage of the spatial proximity to the Gloggnitz nursing and care centre and develops its concrete use from this. The project idea, a practice sharing model for all areas of physical well-being, is summarised under the project title “Corpore Sano” – healthy body. By deconstructing (or demolishing) a technically inferior intermediate wing, the lighting conditions and thus the spatial qualities of the existing building can be significantly improved. In addition, the possibility of creating a complementary usable outdoor space is taken up. In the context of the surrounding existing structure, the basic therapy unit and the open space are structured and organised for the most flexible use possible. The adjoining outbuilding on the courtyard side is included in the design and adapted for movement therapy needs. Barrier-free access is provided via a vestibule. The waiting area offers a clear view of the exercise terrace and the inner courtyard. Four therapy rooms with optimal lighting and ventilation can be configured for a wide range of therapeutic applications.