Mona Zawosta


Within the framework of this project, a new and contemporary village centre is being created for the municipality of Hohenwarth. Not only the revitalisation of the local area serves as an essential task, but also the linking of the locality with the immediate surroundings, the preservation of the village character, the traffic calming and the creation of a greened public area. A digital self-service and post office shop with the sale of regional products, a multifunctional space, a small doctor’s practice and a certain amount of barrier-free living provide for a contemporary mix of uses. For the future, the possibility of extending the village square and the barrier-free living towards the north and connecting it with the open space of the community and cultural centre has been considered. In order to strengthen the revitalisation of the place, a public arcade with niches was developed in the sense of a communication and recreation area. The arcade is thus linked to the village square and creates an extended village centre.