Erik Arndt

Heimat 9

The aim of the project in question is to create the maximum possible living space on the planned building site while at the same time preserving the existing buildings. A total of 31 flats will be created in the course of the revitalisation of the factory buildings. The proposed attic flats are deliberately designed to a higher standard; in some cases, parapets will be demolished in order to emphasise the loft character of the flats being created. In addition, only the blind windows in the existing buildings will be broken up and replaced by actual window openings in order to bring additional daylight into the interior of the existing buildings. These measures are supplemented by three semi-detached houses in the north-west with six residential units of approx. 120 sqm each. With their significant gable roofs, they deliberately establish a relationship to the surroundings. In addition, the programme will be supplemented by a meeting place/restaurant whose transparent appearance strategically blends into the surrounding nature.