Céline Baldeweck

Living in the Werksbund

This project generates a series of new types of residential buildings in the northern part of the site, which are connected to each other via a “terrace band”. The compact point houses have a floor area of 9x9m and are two storeys high. The staggered arrangement creates different open spaces that can be used as communal areas, e.g. for playing. Entrance areas and living-dining zones are located on the ground floor with direct access to the garden. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the upper floor with access to the sun deck, which can be shared with the neighbourhood if required. The aforementioned sundeck binds the houses together and is repeatedly broken up in the spaces in between by cuts for tree plantings. In summer, the deck offers pleasant shaded areas and visual protection throughout the year. In the area of the existing building, the traffic areas were primarily minimised in order to gain additional living space. The middle residential unit, which is oriented exclusively towards the east, was designed as a ‘factory loft’ and offers particularly generous living space to compensate for the location. A trio of pavilions complements the planned spatial offer and is specifically embedded in the existing green space. Formally, the buildings follow the previous concept and take up the idea of a connecting terrace structure made of wood. The three components are equipped with a compact core of ancillary rooms, but beyond that they can be flexibly used, which also benefits a possible change of use.