Miriam Eibensteiner

Neue Werkshaus Siedlung

The present concept seeks to incorporate and continue the existing structures of the existing buildings and the surrounding area. In this context, the planned new building establishes a connection between the point development and the existing multi-storey factory buildings. In this way, the project gradually develops from a single-storey structure to a multi-storey residential building and deliberately closes off the site from the adjacent street. The existing and new buildings are thus grouped around a public inner courtyard, creating a protected atmosphere for the residents of the Neue Werkshausiedlung. In the centre of the planned residential complex, a multifunctional, use-neutral space will be made available. The rentable rooms are to provide space for activities or smaller events or courses. A further goal is to make the “Neue Werkssiedlung” accessible to the public and to develop a place for exchange and communication.