Kerstin Suda

Living around the corner – the new residential quarter in Werksgasse

The concept is based on the creation of five terraced houses that separate private and public areas through their form and arrangement in the shape of an “L”. Each terraced house has an area of approx. 112m2, with a choice of two different floor plan types. In the area of the existing buildings, balcony towers will be developed, which reflect the form of the new building in the top view and provide views of the surrounding nature. The load-bearing system of the new four-storey building behind the factory buildings is designed as a skeleton construction with a curtain-type wooden façade. Four room modules (children’s room, bedroom, bathroom/entrance, living/dining room/balcony) can be selected according to one’s own ideas within the present column grid. The building thus offers a high degree of variety in a range of 46-90 sqm of usable living space.