Stefanie Dobler


This design is composed of three main ideas, through the combination of which the desired overall concept is to be achieved. The project title “Concentric” results from the almost concentric arrangement of the buildings around the designated open spaces. First of all, a representative event center will be situated at the corner of Lokalbahnstraße and Alleegasse, which is intended to attract visitors to the area. In addition to a large event room, the building will also house business premises, seminar rooms, and a restaurant. In addition to a large function room, the building will also house business premises, seminar rooms and offices. On a part of the former building yard, different floor plan modules will be created, the use of which has not been explicitly determined. They can be easily converted or assigned to a completely different use, which allows to react to a change in demand. These modules offer space for residential purposes, offices, gastronomy and business activities. The third aspect of the design is formed by generous, courtyard-like open spaces. Different designs are intended to stimulate different uses; for example, a communal area with raised beds and board games encourages social interaction.