Ayse Erdogan

URBAN Village

The guiding principle of the project is based on the will to create a compact form of settlement that combines appropriate densification with modern living requirements. To this end, a semi-urban living environment is combined with open and green spaces, and the focus is on flowing transitions from public to private. With six free-standing, maximum three-storey buildings, the project on site I offers numerous flats, a day-care facility and a restaurant. The flat floor plans were designed individually. In this way, a corresponding variety of user groups is attracted. The buildings are composed of various cubic shapes and together form a uniform overall image. On Building Plot II, the roofs of the existing flats will be extended. The primary goal here is to create more luxurious living space in the attic and gallery floors. The ground floor area will also be loosened up and enriched with gastronomy and commerce as well as local supply.