Julian Graf

Residential Courtyards Alleegasse

As a threshold area between the old town in the south and the residential area in the north, the neighbourhood around the former local railway station plays a special role. The project in question has a flexible mix of residential, commercial and leisure uses. The project features a flexible mix of residential, commercial and leisure uses, interspersed with individually designed residential courtyards. The complex to the south of the relocated tennis courts was developed in detail: Here, four buildings are connected by a common base zone, which houses businesses, a communal multi-purpose room and some of the parking spaces. This creates a “landscape” with different spatial qualities, which serves both for leisure, such as the landscaped, set-back inner courtyard, and for development. Each two buildings are accessed by a common gallery, which the residents can appropriate accordingly. The residential units are characterised by different sizes and types; from assisted living on the easily accessible ground floor to spacious 3-4 room flats on the upper floors. Almost all of the tops are lit from two sides and are south-facing.