Stephan Hirzberger


The present project is based on the idea of creating a new neighbourhood on the basis of primarily urban planning considerations. The cubatures of the existing buildings are therefore reduced in height from the perimeter block development in the east to the adjacent park in the west of the area. Area. The new development takes up this development in a targeted manner. The architectural language remains restrained. The façades are structured in a continuous rhythm, which is also transferred to the second building in the west. Creative processes require a place for gathering and a place for contemplation. The different spatial requirements for the exchange and transfer of knowledge are contrasted with places for physical balance and relaxation. The spiritual work takes place in the western building. Light-flooded rooms open up to a public square in front of the new city museum and towards the second building in the east. In addition to opportunities for physical exercise and tennis club facilities, the second building offers space for a communal sauna area and various course rooms.