Maximilian Kipke


The project deals with the question of how the area can become a lively quarter of connection between the two central districts of Neunkirchen’s old town on the southern side of the Schwarza and the Wilhelminian new town on the northern side of the river and all Neunkirchen residents and the surrounding area. Due to its linking function, the project is primarily concerned with urban planning solutions that include both the integration of the Schwarza into the town as well as path relationships and the approach to historical places that decisively shaped the town. A former warehouse with a storage tower is to be turned into a place where generations can meet and where, in addition to an event hall for concerts, readings, markets, festivities, etc., there will also be rooms for band rehearsals and group meetings as well as a climbing hall and a sky bar. The former local railway station will offer gastronomic facilities on the ground floor and overnight accommodation for visitors on the upper floor. The former locomotive shed will also be used for gastronomic purposes. In addition, new pathways, the creation of urban meeting places and the expansion and upgrading of green spaces play a central role in the project. project. The planned district is also to be kept largely car-free in the sense of a traffic turnaround, for which a neighbourhood multi-storey car park with subsequent after-use possibilities is available.