Eva-Maria Neumaier

Life in Neunkirchen

The aim of the current design is to bring “life” into the city. The aim of the design is to bring “life” into the city. Above all, young families who want to get out of the big cities are targeted. In order to further revitalise the city centre, which is within walking distance, no additional shop zones are created in the designated building areas. Instead, identity-creating residential quarters for diverse living concepts are to be created. In the Alleegasse area, six new buildings are being constructed for this purpose, which represent a counter-concept to popular but no longer contemporary detached houses. With large private outdoor areas and maisonettes on the one hand and communal uses such as a playground and workshops on the other, the best of both worlds is combined. The all-wood buildings in the generously landscaped neighbourhood set high standards for quality and sustainability. The existing buildings on Wienerstraße will be retained and adapted to modern living standards with minimal intervention. Supplemented by a new building that closes the gap between the perimeter block buildings, they benefit from a protected, private inner courtyard. An assisted living facility for senior citizens at Wienerstraße 28 can also open its common room to other cultural activities and promote intergenerational exchange.