Florian Resch


As the project title already reveals, a place for the generations is to be created. Whether a small child or an aging adult; everyone should be able to feel at home according to the motto “young learns from old and old learns from young”. A place of encounter and interaction is to be created on the site of the former building yard and tennis court. This is to be achieved through an urban permeable structure, which specifically defines places for itself and is interspersed with green space. The latter is achieved by taking up and continuing the existing park area and then slowly phasing it out. The future uses are a day-care centre for children, a home for the elderly, assisted living, student accommodation and an apartment complex. Partial public facilities are planned in the ground floor zone. The planned buildings are not intended to be an independent place in their own right, but are to be specifically integrated into the neighbourhood, thus ensuring a connection between the housing estates in the east and the old town. The existing buildings directly on Wienerstraße/Lokalbahnstraße are to be retained as residential buildings on the one hand and converted into facilities for study courses on the other.