Karl Zulus

Watership Down – Down by the river

The project envisages overlaying the majority of the site at the level of the former regional railway line. The difference in height will create a garage deck accessed from Alleegasse, which will accommodate the entire motorised traffic of the entire complex. The superstructure will be designed as an intensive green roof and will accommodate differentiated buildings for a demand-oriented residential mix (young, elderly, fit, single, family). The reduced ground floor zones, which are not intended for residential purposes (storage rooms for bicycles, prams, storage compartments, technical equipment), will create a traffic-calmed park landscape that invites people to linger. A coordinated green space concept is to ensure that precipitation water is drained off in a delayed manner, thereby creating a favourable microclimate in the complex, in coordination between the access level, individual balcony and façade planting, and the extensively greened flat roofs. In the current project, the old station building with its In the project, the old station building and a meeting place, sloping down to the Schwarza, are intended to play a central role. Since the former route of the regional railway is an excellent gap in the regional cycle path network between the two neighbouring Schwarza bridges, the old railway station was upgraded as a central meeting place with a restaurant, gallery, cabaret, bicycle service, etc. The old station building is also to be used as a meeting place. A kindergarten is planned at the edge of the parking deck, which will be accessible at ground level. The vertical connection to the movement space, which penetrates the superstructure on a second level, allows the inclusion of the green roof. This kindergarten could meet the additional demand for childcare places or replace the kindergarten in Fabriksgasse, which is within walking distance.