Studio WS 03/04


Glacier explorer – Volcanologist – Peak climber – Dune guardian

On the subject: A spatial structure is to be created for the named actors, which does not necessarily outline the living space (kitchen, sleeping, living), but rather makes visible a zone of action. The goal, the finding of a spatial shape for one or the other designated “figure”, thus includes first the personal interpretation of the role of the actor. (What does he do, how and where?) From the world of dreamy thoughts, the basic structure is materialized in the form of a collage detached from static and function. The spatial structure, should allow events, even more, provoke them. The self-defined natural space, in which the architecture is located, demands from the designer the decision whether to act or plan above, below, on the ground or both.

In the first step of the exercise (6.10.2003), a three-dimensional collage is created, which associatively presents the basic shape characterizations. Within the framework of this finger exercise, a wide variety of materials is permitted; the only restriction is the size. The second exercise step (to be completed by mid-December!!) deals with the individual elaboration of the collage from the first exercise step according to spatial design aspects. The final step is a room model on a scale of 1:20.

Start of exercise

On Mon. 6.10.2003 from 9.00-15.00 in the contact room (TU-Gußhausstraße 25-29 / attic). A stable base plate 30 x 45 cm or model building materials are to be brought along.

Block lecture

Parallel to the exercise, the accompanying lecture will take place on Wednesdays at 16.00 in lecture hall 14A (main building, 3rd floor). From 1.10.2003 (Attention: Block dates)


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