Design Studio SS 15

Schubert Stone: Visionen für ein Natursteinunternehmen


The visual self-presentation and representation of an Austrian company, which has made a name for itself especially in the Viennese area in the field of trade with natural stone, is to be strengthened within the framework of this program. The presentation of natural stone, the variability of a possible presentation or mobility and handling will play a decisive role and ultimately ensure that a variety of exciting solutions are brought to light. In the course of the intensive occupation with the ggst. In the course of the intensive work on the program in question, it will be necessary to consider architectural interventions on the company premises themselves, as well as to design a mobile trade fair presentation for this weighty commodity. In connection with the display it is necessary to deal with manifold topics. The transportability of weighty goods, different viewing locations and perspectives, the reception of the product in the environment of trade fairs as well as questions about the context and the recognition of a company CI are only a few selected focal points that need to be considered. Last but not least, it is also important to consider the extent of the information to be conveyed and to develop coherent answers in this context.


Looking at the available results, the programmatic openness with regard to the field of activity is evident in its entirety. Whether it concerns measures in the area of the central showroom and sales area, or developments around the mobile presentation in the context of fair appearances, the developed results testify to the fact that crucial potential exists regarding the appearance. In many cases the considerations are carried by thoughts to transparency and opening, but not rarely also by the mystery of a material millions of years old. Consequently, the customer is imagined into a new open world of viewing and selling. The subject of stone itself is not infrequently mystified and thus experiences a targeted atmospheric charge. The pleasurable experience of looking at stone, touching stone and comparing stone with one another comes to the fore. This requires premises that invite the customer to linger, that appear noble and are capable of containing space and time. Indispensable is the possibility to move the extremely heavy material and to display it adequately. For this it is necessary to consider containers, basic constructions and holders. After all, the stone wants to be brought close to the customer in the truest sense of the word. The multitude of possibilities/patterns must be taken into account, as well as the possibility of being able to view the individual pattern on the surface.