Design Studio SS 17

Wald.vier: Neues Leben für das Ortszentrum von Neupölla


An unused manor house in the center of Neupölla (Waldviertel), whose origins date back to the 12th century, is the focus of the current program. Program in the center of the consideration. In the last decades this property had changing owners, but a repair or even a new play could not be accomplished. About two years ago, the market community acquired the directly adjacent property Neupölla 26. An overall concept for the compact local center consisting of several properties was to be aimed at. The central location of these properties can be considered attractive, although the buildings have been vacant for some time. The task now was to make the area usable for everyone, to open it up in many conceivable “directions” and ultimately to make it a “place” for the entire population.


If one looks at the present designs around the so-called 1’er Haus and the adjacent properties in the center of the village of Neupölla, the variety of approaches with regard to a possible use is initially striking. Beyond that, however, it quickly becomes clear in the course of a closer look that the location in the center of the village demands more from the object or the objects of the planning than would probably be the case in any other location. The importance of the center and its possible task in the social context of the community makes more complex considerations in this regard almost indispensable. The square itself, it is understandable, has a “public” character and requires considerations in this regard in the course of its planning, otherwise an opportunity would be missed that might not be able to return. How far the square takes shape as an open space under the open sky or the designed building and its interior sequence is the center of attention, is up to the individual, but it is indispensable that the area of the 1’er Haus and the neighboring properties should be experienced and played with. It is important to make the area usable for each individual, to open it in many conceivable “directions” and to make it a place for all residents. In some cases, designs go one step further and think beyond the boundaries of the village. In this case, the search is on for a use of the center that is also capable of attracting a wider environment. The extent to which Neupölla will be able to attract people in the future will probably depend not least on the development of its center.