Felix Dauer

Continue building – a changeable living space concept

The present design is dedicated to the “Punzhaus” and is entirely based on the theme of building on. In the process, emphasis was placed on protecting the listed building from further decay, making it usable and adding to it. The walls of the house, which are currently endangered by damp, are to be secured by selective excavation of the house. The basement will be exposed and thus naturally ventilated as an open plinth building. The upper floor and the roof will be converted into living space. In addition, a one-storey extension will be added to the existing building. This will expand the space available on the upper floor and add an outdoor area to the attic flat. The newly gained rooms make various combinations of use possible. This means that living arrangements can be made to suit the needs of single-person households, from long-term to short-term residents. The attic flat could either be used as a flat or rented out as a holiday home. The upper floor can be used as a guesthouse, a one-room flat for temporary living, a large family flat or a holiday home.