Maximilian Kotzian


The present design is dedicated to the “Old Mill” and relies entirely on the addition of a new building structure that deliberately generates a courtyard situation. The new building remains at ground level in order to continue to direct the main attention to the old building. The atrium created by the roof shape not only offers the possibility of a guest garden, but also optimises the lighting situation in general. By extending the river crossing, the open space – and thus also the main entrance – is deliberately brought into focus. The extension of the roofscape over the public path allows for a semi-transparent exterior façade that promotes diverse visual relationships. The old buildings will be modernised and reactivated in their original function, and the new building will function as a restaurant. The ground floor of the old mill will be adapted as a vinotheque or event space, while the remaining floors will be converted into rental flats in line with today’s residential standards. A separate entrance for suppliers at the rear of the building will allow for deliveries and removals in the background.