Josef Nezmahen

Ein Dritter Ort für Spitz

This project pursues the approach of transforming the “Alte Mühle” into a so-called third place, i.e. to generate a place next to the first place “home” and the second place “work” where the residents of Spitz can spend time without the pressure of consumption. Following this idea, the entire ground floor of the new complex around the “Alte Mühle” is designed to be accessible to the public. A newly built, large event space invites people to hold theatre performances, parties, cinema screenings, workshops, exhibitions and much more. This space opens up to the outside to a new amphitheatre, so that the above-mentioned events can also be held outside in good weather. In the former rooms of the “Old Mill” there are recreation rooms that take on different functions, such as library, media library, computer room and kitchen. On the upper floors are newly renovated holiday flats, the income from which is to be used to finance various events. On the outside, a canopy on slender steel supports appears to make the new use of the “Old Mill” visible to the outside as well.