Richard Maier

Treffpunkt Hohenwarth

This project aims to create a place where members of the community can meet and carry out common activities. These activities should be given a spatial basis through the design of the building and its surroundings. With regard to the existing buildings, at least the barn is to be preserved and expanded. The spatial programme for the existing building and its new construction provides for those activities that are currently lacking in Hohenwarth and are actually needed. This includes a surgery in which doctors can practise on a rotating basis, a shop for daily needs and wine specialities, as well as additional rooms that can be used variably (e.g. for club meetings, music school classes, yoga classes, temporary workplaces, etc.). In the centre of the designed structure there is a central courtyard, which will also offer space for different activities – Christmas market, local festivals (a stage for music and similar performances is available) or simply space.