Celine Stemmelen

Urgut Greißler, Workshop, Treffpunkt

This project is based on the idea of creating an urban marketplace with numerous offers for every age group. The aim is to bring the residents of Hohenwarth and the surrounding area closer together, to promote the exchange of knowledge and to generate a new centre. Between the new and existing buildings, targeted terracing invites people to linger and at the same time allows conscious insights into the interior of the respective buildings. Both the original material of the bricks – interpreted in terms of the façade – and the barn on the highest part of the site are converted into a seminar and workshop hall. The two new buildings “Urgut Greißler” and “Urgut Bäckerei” shield the square from the currently busy road. In the course of the project, Hohenwarth is given the opportunity to strengthen the exchange within the village and to gain a representative character.