Isabella Aust


The project takes up the original function of the inn and rethinks the same. The project emphasizes the themes of deceleration, return to the “original”, creativity and “do it yourself action”. It follows thereby trends of the handicraft, Yoga Retreats and the like. The new Rieckhof is interpreted as a place of exchange, creative work and as a meeting place for the community, within which generations and people learn from each other. The integration of the residents plays an essential role, as they are encouraged to offer as well as attend a wide variety of courses. From cake-baking workshops to pottery and carpentry to sewing or vegetable-growing courses, just about anything is to take place in Pulkau’s new creative workshops. And if you don’t want to get creative yourself, you can enjoy a piece of cake in the café with a view of the beautiful garden or watch the hustle and bustle in the workshops.