Jessica Parizek


The concept of the Rieckhof Theater focuses on the “theater” as the center of the community. Therefore, the theater is seen as a meeting place both in the sense of classical theater and as a rehearsal space for choir, youth band, cinema etc. and thus as an extension of the existing event hall. Both an indoor stage and the fusion of indoor and outdoor contribute to the concept of the “Rieckhof Theater”. Furthermore, a café, a vinotheque as well as the youth center will be located. The already existing courtyard situation will be taken over by demolition/new construction of the buildings and purposefully continued. The former stable and the left street wing will be largely retained and redesigned for a café and indoor theater/rehearsal rooms. The right street wing will be replaced by a new building for the benefit of the youth. In addition, a new building in the courtyard will be added in the sense of a vinotheque. The “new” atrium forms its own outdoor stage area, which can be seen from different vantage points of the surrounding buildings with the help of wood/glass constructions.