Rupert Pölsterl

Neue Mitte Pulkau

The existing building fabric of the Rieckhof is to be deliberately broken up by demolishing three existing buildings. The newly created open spaces offer space for a north-south oriented supplementary building, which divides the property and its new uses into two zones. The rear area, starting from the supplementary building, creates a new center for the Pulkau rural youth by means of an open and flexible clubhouse. The adjacent listed barn serves as a workshop for rural youth to enable the implementation of home projects. The former use of the inn is revitalized and extended by a guest garden, which is to invite to stay. Daily fresh and regional products are supplied by the adjacent farm store, which also offers residents the opportunity to run small errands for home. Existing structures on the 1st floor also provide sufficient space to generate affordable housing for youth. Along a generous communal dining, cooking and living area, the residents’ private rooms are located and extended to the outside with a featured balcony zone.