Design Studio WS 02/03



The program focuses on the design and functional upgrading of existing snack, ice cream and vending stands, which have been increasingly located within the Schönbrunn Zoo in recent years. Since, in the case of the Vienna Zoo, this is a valuable historical building ensemble, and the Schönbrunn Palace complex is also considered part of the World Cultural Heritage, there is no doubt that even with regard to the “smallest” building tasks within the complex, increased attention should be paid to the design of such structures. Therefore, the design program does not call for a “decoration” of the existing objects alone, but for a contemporary interpretation of contemporary consumer culture within the specific environment. A special attraction within the task results from the fact of the multiplicity of such facilities. In this respect, the question of basic type and modification serves as a further design approach.


A precise observation on site represents the starting point of the exercise, which serves as the basis for the concepts to be developed. The elaboration of the design proposals is subsequently to be carried out on a scale of 1:20. Interior design issues (details, sampling, etc.) are also to be presented at this scale. The 4-hour exercise refers to the development of a single stand situation, whereas the 8-hour exercise also requires an examination of the context of various stand solutions.


The developed proposals show one thing above all. A seemingly endless variety, which one would hardly have thought of for the theme of a sales booth or snack bar. Many of the units are also linked in their final form to the location of the Schönbrunn Zoo and develop their specific charm from this fixed location. Hardly any of the projects forgoes that certain “more” that provides the stand either with an additional function or at least with expanded possibilities. In this way, the individual units generate their added value factor. They mutate into small-scale attractors that score points with a wide variety of movement mechanisms, arouse interest with their surfaces, or simply underscore the “zoo” experience.