Viktoria Ertl


The present project is dedicated to the parish courtyard, which, through its functional allocation, is supposed to encourage the inhabitants to exchange, buy, lend or even give away self-produced, regional food, as well as tools, books and art. This idea thus indirectly aims to promote community spirit and strengthen an exchange within the village community. With this in mind, the ground floor zone was visibly opened up to the outside space and selective lounging zones were created directly in front of the building. Inside the vicarage, streams of light and movement in both horizontal and vertical axes play an important role in taking the austerity out of the interior. A ‘reading tower’ in the north-western part of the building connects three existing floors with an ‘experience staircase’ that allows important views of the surroundings and can be used as a lounge. The top floor is to serve as an exhibition area from which the visitor can gain diverse impressions of the landscape through targeted window openings. This exposure area can furthermore offer the partner project ‘Röhrenbach Art Chapel’, among others, an additional area for the presentation of artworks.