Arber Koni


The present project captures the Abbey Chapel as an impressive cultural heritage of paramount importance, but at the same time also as an identity-forming place for the community of Röhrenbach. In order to fill this space again, the project aims to radically free it. The project aims to radically free up the building. In this sense, the walls facing the streets will be removed. Three squares with different qualities are created around the chapel: an inviting forecourt, a versatile backyard and a sheltered inner courtyard. The chapel interior with its vaulted corridors and the listed church interior connects the outdoor spaces. A variety of furniture in the squares and covered outdoor spaces invite visitors to linger, as do the small coffee house and the recreation room. The focus is on respectful treatment of the monastery chapel as a listed cultural heritage. With only a few sensitively implemented changes, the chapel becomes a part of public life and space in Röhrenbach.