Lars Ludwig



This project intends to complement the baroque building in a meaningful way in the course of three structural measures that form the basis of an overall concept.

First measure – “Design of the chapel forecourt”: The forecourt will be provided with new paving, while the main portal will be given a round accentuation. A concrete watering trough with seating will be installed, which will structure the square and spatially reinforce the urban situation.

Second measure – “Structuring of the existing building and room extension in timber construction”: The east wing will have a café on the ground floor level, which will be oriented to the courtyard in the north with a newly created opening. The small courtyard at the rear will be converted into a thermally closed space. This area is for free use and is intended for various events and exhibitions. A new staircase in the café area will provide access to the upper floor, which will house a gallery and the municipal office/archive. The required sanitary facilities will be integrated into the west wing of the existing building.

Third measure – “Design of the chapel garden”: The plan is to lay out plantings that will zone the courtyard. The remaining area will be covered with a gravel surface and made accessible as a public garden. The extension in timber construction follows the proportions of the site and ennobles the former sacred building with the choice of restrained materials. As a new village centre, the project is intended to serve the cultural exchange of the population and create added value for the community. This use, which is appropriate for the building, also ensures the preservation of the monument for future generations.