Nicole Ptak


This design translates the idea of an image passpartout into an architectural concept around the hospital church. It takes the form of a reinterpretation of the courtyard walling: a restrained, self-contained perimeter development that frames the hospital church and deliberately places it in the centre. To the north, the form of the neighbouring buildings is taken up to create a generous space that extends over two levels and offers visitors an elevated view of the ensemble. Beyond that, there are no structural interventions in the existing buildings. Glazed passages are only created on the two side wings – at the interface between the existing and new buildings. The enclosure runs through the edge of the side wings and forms harmoniously coordinated transitions between inside and outside. The use of the two rooms is to take up the social founding idea again and be available to the association as a community room on the one hand and to the public in the form of an exhibition on the other. Clear lines and symmetry convey a sense of calm and security, while the choice of materials is characterised by value and durability: Exposed concrete, natural stone, wood and glass.