Design Studio SS 96


Design task

Based on the spatial situation found in the area of the TU Vienna, a model is being worked on with regard to the set theme of “Parasitic Architecture”. The architect becomes a lone pirate who annexes existing architectures and projects his new enclosures into them. First, a special place is to be selected, for which an “architectural spatial intervention” is subsequently conceived. The found place – the spatial situation – is understood as “primary architecture”, in which a “sub-architecture” now nests. Questions arise regarding the possibilities of “docking” or points of contact with the existing structure. Various antagonistic conglomerates of themes, such as moving and lingering, opening and closing, inside and outside, etc. are included in this context. Thus, an attempt will be made to exaggerate the character of the site, to contrast it, or to redefine it entirely. As soon as the conceptualized structure is tested for consistency, counter-effects and setbacks inevitably come into play. In any case, the environment of the Vienna University of Technology is to be seen as the starting point, and all steps in this iterative process build on it. Seemingly minimal, yet effective or sustainable interventions (less is more) should make clear that visions can exist at least for a short time.


  • Selection and justification of the (partial) area to be worked on
  • Development of a concept and creation of a photomontage
  • Design studies including processing of the technical aspects
  • Construction of a physical prototype on a scale of 1:1 (room laboratory)
  • Obtaining any necessary permits and setting up on site
  • Preparation of a meaningful project description (text and images)
  • Public presentation of the results