Studio WS 97/98



In groups, a specific activity is identified as a theme. From this activity a spatial composition is to be developed individually in the first work phase, from which the use can be read retrospectively. The activity is to be examined for its characteristics, so that an effective conversion can come off. For example, what could a room look like that is primarily intended for dancing? Which materials would have to be used for this? In order to integrate the chance of the moment and the associated spontaneity in the design process into the exercise, the exact topic will only be announced at the time of the first work phase. It should be emphasized that the focus of interest is not the copying of aesthetically sophisticated solutions or their recomposition or reworking, but rather very personal, i.e. subjective, proposals for solutions to human forms of behavior and expression. In the second work phase (November to mid-December), the individual working through takes place according to spatial design aspects. The third work phase deals with the construction of a 1:1 model in the space laboratory (January ’98 / in groups).

What to bring?

1 kg of clay and a stable base plate 30 x 45 cm as well as appropriate processing tools (wire, knife, spatula, etc.) are to be brought to the first work date. The group division and supervision will be announced in good time.


Parallel to the exercise, the accompanying lecture will take place on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in lecture hall 14A (main building, 3rd floor).


On 09.10.97 at 8.30 a.m.