Design Studio WS 98/99



While the Career and Study Information Fair (BEST) was initially housed in the Messepalast, a move to the Stadthalle followed. It was not until a year ago that the current area could be used for the fair and the cramped conditions eased considerably.

Starting point

The current booth of the TU-Vienna covers an area of about 50 m2 (it is 7*8 m2 minus the two pillars) and has 12 counseling places. I.e. several fields of study are represented by a table (including advisor) and additionally by a wall poster. Furthermore, a media tower with the TU video as well as a computer terminal with online information is available at the booth. The accessibility of the stand is mainly from the hall side, but a view “from behind” is also possible. The stand is “sandwiched” between two massive support elements that carry the bleachers above. Likewise, swiveling grandstand elements are visible in the ceiling area. The stand partially protrudes into the larger stage area.

As-built photos of the house

Future developments

On the part of the users there is the idea that the existing actual state can be subjected to a substantial improvement. In principle, it must first be stated that the available budgets are limited. In other words, “a lot of stand for little money” is the motto. The current character of the stand is interchangeable and not specifically tailored to the Vienna University of Technology. Rather, the architecture of the Stadthalle dominates the scene. The question arises, for example, to what extent a “low-cost” signet would not be worth pursuing. Or: how should and can one attract attention in a rather homogeneous stand mass? Consultants alone as eye-catchers? Added to this is the fact of the high density of tables and chairs.


Even if the exhibition stand solution for 1999 is to be worked on in the foreground, concepts for subsequent development stages are also to be worked out. This means concretely that in the case of a possibility of subsequent use, higher investments are more likely to be successful in realization. The current table island concept can be questioned.


Elaboration of a design concept including a full-scale representation or construction of a model on a scale of 1:20.