Erik Arndt

Das Tafelspitz

The project pursues the intention to develop a restaurant called “das Tafelspitz”, which is to establish itself as a meeting place for friends of the upscale cuisine and wine. The projected restaurant on the upper floor of the former “Punzhaus” combines elements of the existing building, such as the facade and the building structure, with contemporary details in a targeted manner. Present on all sides: a circumferential light band, which visually distances the green hipped roof from the existing building. The load-bearing function is performed by a self-sufficient steel structure consisting of columns and beams. The restaurant can seat a total of 50 guests, 24 of whom can be seated in the outdoor area. The outdoor area is divided into two terraces, which are deliberately kept different in character. The basement is divided into a vaulted cellar and a lounge plus wine store in front of it. Here wine tastings and seminars can be held if required. The adjacent warehouse has space for approximately 10,000 wine bottles. In principle, the volume of the above-ground structure remains largely unchanged.