Christoph Frantes

Zu ebener Erde und zweiter Stock

This design is dedicated to the “Punzhaus” in the sense of its use as a residential building. Precise changes and interventions are intended to save it from decay and thus from demolition. In order to enable contemporary living in a centuries-old building, precise interventions and adaptations are necessary to counteract the low room heights and the difficult location. The light guidance and the extension of the living space to the ground floor level are main components of the concept. A complete gutting of the existing building is the basis of the implementation. By rearranging the interior spaces and formally cutting a path within the Punzhaus, natural light is specifically brought into the interior of the house. An extension of the roof in the form of an incised loggia provides additional outdoor space and generous glass areas. By using materials such as plywood, exposed concrete and steel, the aim is to achieve a harmonious interaction of old and new, as well as a homely atmosphere.