Stefanie Dobler

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This design project manifests itself in the form of two different areas. The first is the “care centre”, which houses assisted living, a pharmacy and a doctor’s office. The inviting and open entrance to the assisted living is located near the street corner. In addition to the reception, the common room is also directly accessible here, which also offers space for visitors, among other things. The doctor’s office is located right next to the assisted living and, in addition to the main entrance door on the street side, also has a direct connection to the reception, which ensures special care. The open space in the courtyard is intended for the residents and will contribute to social interaction, for example, through raised beds and board games. The second section is the former barn, which is intended to provide space for smaller events with its built-in gallery and numerous seating options. Tourists, young people and senior citizens are to be invited to linger here and can also consume products from the small village shop.