Christina Grubhofer

Das Kirchberg: Youth center and guesthouse

This project envisages the transformation of the former prison house into a self-managed center for children and young people. In the context of the present project planning, it is not only to serve as a place of stay and leisure for the members of the community, but also to provide overnight accommodation for school classes or visitors from the surrounding area. In order to consciously preserve the character of the building, the conversion measures in the existing building will be limited to the most necessary and the three facades visible from the street will be preserved almost unchanged. In order to be able to integrate more generous functions, the prison building will be extended into the garden by an annex at the location of the exercise yard. This is intended to create an open and modern contrast to the monumental-looking prison building and to blend in with the existing tree population. The planned functions and areas were integrated in such a way that they can be actively used by both the youth center and the guests of the guest house.