Christina Grubhofer

Betreutes Wohnen | Landjugend im FÜNFERHOF

This project will create assisted living space for senior citizens and people with disabilities as well as new premises for the rural youth in the Rieckhof. The two areas are separated or separable from each other in that the different users can live harmoniously side by side without negatively affecting each other. The main wing of the existing building is largely retained on the street side and is supplemented in the courtyard by new buildings in place of the demolished outbuildings. Only the horse stable with its vaulted ceiling is deliberately retained and extended by an addition. The adapted existing buildings and the supplemented annexes are to appear bright through open spaces and glazing and to connect with the garden and the newly created courtyard. Living space will be created in barrier-free, compact one- to two-person apartments or shared apartments with common living and sanitary areas for 21 people. A communal area with kitchen is available for all residents in the adapted horse stables. The rural youth will be accommodated in the existing building on the street side, which will be supplemented by an addition at the second entrance, and will have a two-story area which they can largely help to design and furnish themselves.