Michael Rollmann


This project makes it its business to protect the Rieckhof as part of an intact ensemble and to fill the “sleeping idyll” with new life. In the process, the outer appearance of the courtyard remains almost unchanged. Behind the mighty gates, on the other hand, a new inner world is opening up. The tenor of the project is to offer a place of “summer retreat”. As an antipole to the hectic city, people are to find recreation in the countryside; an offer to travel out of everyday life into a different reality of life. An hour away from Vienna, they will find a temporary residential community in the new Rieckhof, a place of community that nevertheless offers tranquility. Digital detox and activation of leisure. The focus is on regional and local products. Craft and art. As in the past, subsistence farming prevails, but also the rediscovery of bathing culture and musical pleasures. It is a matter of returning to the roots and to what we have forgotten: Luxury through simplicity.